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Our official Alexa skill is available in India and US. Just search for "Aime" from Cosine Labs on your Amazon Alexa App and enable the skill. Link your Aime account and you can use Alexa to control your home. Talk to your home!

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the product

AIME is our first product that is built on open standards, combines AI and home device integration in a wireless fashion to provide a unique smart living experience. Aime has exciting ways to interact with your home, is integrable with multiple devices and is able to connect with every service which makes your life tick at the moment. Imagine a fully automated ecosystem within your home. This is what AIME provides you with.

Total Security

Aime achieves superior security requirements with an entire suite designed to cater to your security needs including automatic door sensors, motion sensors, sound sensors, cameras, biometric front door locks, video door bells and emergency sirens.Total peace of mind.

Lighting and Device control

With energy saving on our mind, Aime has been designed to activate, dim or turn off the lights and switches based on motion detected presence. With 32 million colours from our smart LED bulbs, you are set for any mood. Party lights on, Aime!

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

With Aime around, your home is never too hot or cold for you and your family's comfort, for she knows exactly the right temperature conditions you'd like to walk into at any given time of the day!

TV and Home theater

Never miss a show! Remotely instruct Aime to pre-record a nail biting finale of your favourite soap or game. Turn on your TV automatically for your favourite show. Access to home entertainment now made easy!

Media and music

Listening to music never got more intelligent! Wake up to your 'go-to' playlist first thing in the morning with Aime's preset time based functions. Better yet, stream music from across the world and have different music wafting out of different rooms at any time of the day, all set to your mood! Blues, anyone?

Appliance control

With Aime's smart remote appliance control, your automatic freshly brewed hot cup of coffee in the morning, hot water in the geyser at a stipulated time and the smell of clean laundry to go to are no longer a distant dream. Make all your existing devices smart!

Why Aime is unique

Talk to your home

Talk to your home! Aime understands your instructions and executes them. Be it getting a cab for you, setting up songs or controlling devices. She will listen to all your commands. You can occasionaly ask her for a joke and she won't dissapoint!

Health and Fitness

Integrated with Withings and Fitbit. You can control and monitor heath and fitness of your entire family. One touch emergency button instantly notifies configured personnel and health care institutions for timely and immediate attention.

Some gestures go a long way

Before we could speak we used sign language. They are intuitive and easy. Welcome to the natural way of interacting with your home. One swipe can open up curtains or turn up the volume on your favourite music.

Integrate your world

Imagine having all your apps in one place that can easily be controlled via voice or gesture. Social media, search engines, food services, calendars and appointments! So simply say 'Book me a cab' or 'Aime, Tweet I am happy today', and before you know it you're a part of Aime's connected living.

Energy management

Conserve and save. With electricity and water management integrated into Aime, she will help you manage these resources. With monthly, weekly and daily reports, you can monitor and save these resouces. Go green!

Open platform

Our open platform allows devices and developers to build solutions on top of it. There are many more devices and apps that are being built by the community. From smart water bottles to health monitors. The roadmap is exciting!

How to setup Aime

Connect Device

Our experienced service personnel make the installation a breeze. They connect Aime to your wifi and install the devices.

No Configuration

With our pre-configured setup, configuration is a thing of the past.

Yay! Done.

Welcome to the Aime experience!

product components

Door Window sensor

A smart sensor, perfected.


The front door of your home is finally smart.

Garage Door Controller

Security at your gate.

Home energy meter

Keep your own eye on your electricity.

Key Fob

Easy to use. Simple to setup. Small and compact.

LED Bulb

32 million colors.Make any light a smart light.

LED Strip

Paint your home in light.


Small in size. Big on potential.

Nano Dimmer

Make any switch, a smart switch.

Panic Button

Miniature. Portable. Instant.

MultiSensor 6

Motion sensor. Humidity sensor. Thermometer. Light sensor.

Range Extender

Any space any size. Always reliable.

Smart Dimmer

Your home’s lighting just got a whole lot smarter.

Smart Switch 6

The smart switch gets smaller and smarter.

MultiSensor 6

Motion sensor. Humidity sensor. Thermometer. Light sensor.

Range Extender

Any space any size. Always reliable.

Switches and Dimmers

Cleverly crafted to fit within the walls of your home, each Micro Switch can fit behind your existing switches or modern switches.

Touch Panels

Fresh design. Classic features.Replace your existing switch with Touch Panel, and you won’t have to change a single wire.


Wall switches are the most natural way to control a home.

Water Sensor

Sensitive. Accurate. Adaptive. Detect leaks, flooding or waer levels.

Our Story

"Goodness, do I really have to climb two flights of stairs again to check if all the windows and doors are locked”. “I can’t be bothered to check who’s at the door yet again, It’s beyond my energy capacities at the moment”, “If only I could control everything remotely or at the click of a button, it would make my life so much more simpler”, are some of the most common laments of the ageing, as they were for the parents of our founders.

Rewind a decade, three colleagues who went on to become great friends over the years spent many many hours taking long breaks to think about how they could go about changing the world. Many ideas came and went and the efforts were put to rest but only for a brief period. You can hardly keep innovative minds refrained. In no time, they came back together to address the many constraints and complaints of our families at home, young or old and that’s when the idea of simplifying and securing our families lives in a smarter way was born, and thus Aime.

The human race, we believe, weren't designed to constantly race against time or compete with one another but instead race to seek out truer experiences and deeper inner meaning. Evolution today runs parallel to our scientific and technological pursuits, and while it seems inevitable, it's only fair that we put these pursuits to a use that make us better every day.

At Cosine Labs are minds that are making Aime that necessary supplement to push you to become better every day. When Aime has taken care of our home and family, we are left with the time and energy to create and make the world a better place. Wasn’t that the mission from the beginning, anyway?

Key Partners

In an endeavor to build the Aime platform to be a highly reliable, open and extendable platform, Cosine Labs chose to base its controller on the Prosyst IoT middleware from Bosch Software Innovations, the software and systems house of the Bosch group, which is gold standard for the smart home gateway. This open platform, with support for wide array of protocols and rich support for integration, extensions and remote management, provides Cosine Labs the ability to build a highly scalable and personalized connected home platform and solution.

The technical partnership entitles Cosine Labs to build region specific solutions and extensions over the base platform and also collaborate with Bosch Software Innovations to bring in new capabilities and modules.With the platform powered by Prosyst IoT middleware, we bring in a world class technology to Indian homes.

Cosine Labs has been accepted into the Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program (SEAP). This partnership with SEAP allows Cosine Labs access to their tools and resources and exposure to their current sales channels as smart home partners..

Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program (SEAP) started in 2012 to support enterprise and B2B partners, offering tools and resources to help create secure business solutions to address customer needs. Through SEAP, partners are able to develop a profitable working relationship with Samsung.

In Recent News

Cosine Labs had the pleasure of being one of the four startups invited by Bosch to set up space and showcase the Aime platform and solution at the much coveted and CNBC covered - Bosch Future Connected Conclave 2017

We are extremely excited to be showcasing our product at our dedicated booth where we will be demonstrating smart and connected living with Aime.

Furthermore, we will be happy to present our product roadmap that has an exciting new range of features being added to our current offering as well as talk about our strategic long term relationship with Bosch.

We are very happy to share that Cosine Labs was one of the semi-finalists at the much acclaimed Minnesota statewide entrepreneurial competition called the MN Cup. It is the largest statewide startup competition in the US.


Some of the recent press reviews.

Move over, home automation. This startup is offering a lot more for less.

Aime is not just a home automation solution, but can help you book a cab, track fitness and save energy too.

How Bengaluru-based Cosine Labs aims to make homes smarter and safer.

Support and warranty

App Compatibility

Multiple protocols

Warranty and service


meet us

We are a small group of inventors, hackers and designers from the different parts of the world on a mission.

Siddharth Banerjee


Siddharth is an expert in real time data analytics and has diverse experience in multiple domains such as Higher Education, US HealthCare, IOT, Indian E commerce and Social networking platforms.Before CosineLabs, he was a CTO with Wowlabz, a startup technology accelerator in Bangalore and has always had a penchant and passion for innovative ideas and start ups

Sriram Padmanabhan


Sriram is a seasoned Software Architect with a rock solid grasp of technology trends, product engineering, product management and financial management. Being a technology professional with strong management insight he is an expert in driving technology strategy in alignment with business strategy. He has worked across multiple domains comprising Supply Chain, Higher Education and in diverse geographies.

Viswanath Subramanian


Viswanath is a product professional with expansive experience in core software engineering, delivery management, professional services, product management and sales. With a stellar ability to establish and grow businesses in developing economies where the impact of technology has brought in new opportunities, his expertise lies in EduTech, Insurance Tech and ERP.

Krithika Radhakrishnan


Krithika has extensive experience in operations, marketing and project management, a significant portion of which were spent at Goldman Sachs. Her exposure to business build outs began with setting up the Interest Rate Swaps business for their Non Banking Finance Company and their Primary Dealer arm in Mumbai, which has led her to pursue entrepreneurship across diverse industries, ever since.

Arindam Chatterjee


Ari has 20 years of experience in strategy, product innovation, operations and technology, majority of his work in past 8 years involves advising C-level executives in fortune 100 organizations and incubating start-ups. He has been active in angel investment and non-profit social communities. Ari holds a MBA from Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota and a leadership certification from Harvard University

Praful Pillay


Praful is a Strategic, relationship-oriented, results-driven senior management IT professional with 24+ years of overall experience combining outstanding leadership skills with proven all-round cross-functional expertise in global, multi-cultural organizations. He has a strong focus on operational excellence, institution building and transformation, coaching and mentoring people.

KB Kachru


KB Kachru, Chairman Emeritus of Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group, South Asia, has been instrumental in developing hospitality industry in India. He has 30+ years of leadership experience in both private and public sector. KB headed Indian Tourism Development Corporation hotels prior to joining Carlson group where he has developed 110 properties in South Asia in past 20 years

Mayur Relekar

Product Manager

Manoj Mohan

Design Practices Lead

Siddhant Panhalkar

Android Developer/Hacker

Debayan Bhattacharya

iOS Developer/Hacker

Harsha Galgali

Testing Lead

Madhur Tewani

Android Lead

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