Knowledgeable Spaces for Smart Living

Over the past few years, a myriad of devices have started becoming smart and this word is on the user’s radar and collective day to day vocabulary. For instance, smartphones, smart devices, smart cars, smart homes, they all have cutting-edge technological innovations embedded in them.

Gartner predicts that by 2020 there will be approximately 20.4 billion Internet of Things (IoT) enabled devices. IDC reports say that by 2025, there will be 80 billion devices connected to the internet.

All these devices being part of our home need to do more than just make the devices smart, they need to make our space intelligent as well.

An integral part of being ‘Smart’ is Artificial Intelligence, having tremendous impact over the past few years. We are entering into an era of “Knowledgeable Spaces” which will promote smart living. Let’s define some high-level characteristics of a knowledgeable space.

  • Context awareness (Holiday, driving, traffic, time of the day, weather)
  • Identifying the individual identity
  • Awareness of the individual activity (sleeping, eating, lazing around, working)
  • Constantly learning & adapting based on the need of the individual
  • Recommending & suggesting best possible activities based on the existing context and circumstance

In short, a knowledgeable space should be able to deliver a superior quality of life in an automated fashion based on the needs of the inhabitants.

This requires a gamut of ecosystem components which will include sensors, controllers, actuators, communication devices, protocol support and intelligent software. These ecosystem components have been growing rapidly for the past few years culminating in making the knowledgeable space grow from an idea often depicted in a science fiction movie to day to day reality.

Cosine Labs has been in the forefront of transforming the knowledgeable space concept to reality; AIME our smart living product seamlessly transforms any space to a knowledgeable space by incorporating the above principles and delivers a superior user experience. AI is natively built into AIME which makes the space more in alignment with ylifestyletyle preferences specifically in the areas of security, energy saving and comfort & convenience

Thinking Security

Current offerings of security in the home automation space are rudimentary and are primarily driven by rules. The devices in the security domain, video cameras, door locks, and door-bells work primarily based on simple rule-based systems. These devices lack the understanding of user behavior and context awareness which may result in somewhat unwanted or incorrect behavior in certain circumstances. For instance, these devices with the current technology maturity fail to understand whether the user have the intent of stepping out for a vacation or stepping out to pick up a parcel/mow the lawn/ receive the guests; they always lock the door whenever the user steps out.

By comparison, knowledgeable spaces are capable of knowing the intent of the user stepping out, the distance from the door and similar such factors to trigger an action appropriately.

Intelligent Energy Savings

The current set of devices such as smart lights, smart thermostats, and smart switches should adapt based on our daily lives rather than other way around resulting in day to day energy savings.

For instance, rather than the user turning on the cooling when he/she heads home, the context awareness coupled with intelligence would trigger the cooling ; the temperature preferences should be learned and the heating/cooling need to be adapted accordingly for better user experience and optimum energy usage.

Comfort & Convenience

With the advent of entertainment and convenience gadgets, the user experience can be elevated to the next level. Voice Assistants, music systems, smart television, and cooking machines are becoming ubiquitous and it is imperative that these are all integrated into our lives in a smart and meaningful way.

Capturing and listening to user behaviour and daily routines; for instance, a calm morning for a user can be a soothing playlist on a music player or the daily business news on a favourite channel with a perfect cup of coffee brewed in the coffee machine based on the user’s taste

In a nutshell the way we interact with our living space is critical for the successful adoption of smart living technology in a vast, crowded and competitive global market.










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