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Automated operations and building management with your member's experience at the core.

Why Smart Buildings in Student Housing ?

Impact Student Grades
Students living in PBSA are 26% more likely to report top grades in their first year of university, than those living in halls of residence. Top grade students prioritise the use of Technology, expecting their buildings to be smart.
Attract and Retain Students
Students who achieved top grades are twice more likely to have prioritised the use of technology when choosing accommodation (19%), than those who achieved 69% in their grades or lower (9%).
Maximize Operations Efficiency
Smart Building lead to 30% increase in operational efficiency and 40% increase in Student Living experience.
Achieve Scalability
Smart Buildings offer standardised Student Living experience and standardised operations to allow operators to scale up.

Stay focused on your business.
Let us handle the hardware-software interface.

You have a business to run. Stop worrying about hardware and information exchange with your systems. Reliable Data Always. Run your company with the operation insights and efficiency required to scale to 1000s of buildings.Let us do that for you.
Let's look at the solutions and the experience!


Uptime Guarantee


3rd Party ERP/PMS systems integrations


Data points

Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats allow members to enjoy the comfort of managing ambience of the room using their mobiles while reducing energy costs by 23%*.

app screen
No changes in circuit

Completely retrofit. Wi-Fi enabled. Supports both with and without C wire circuits. Easy replacement of existing thermostats.

Save Energy

Save 23%* on annual energy costs. Supports 2H/2C modes for better energy optimisation. 5+2, six programmable periods to maximize comfort and economy.

Vacancy Management

Remotely control the thermostat based on room occupancy. Our rules engine automatically controls the thermostats based on your occupancy schedule

Control from anywhere

Your members can control the thermostats from anywhere using iOS and Android apps. As an operator you can remotely manage and control each of these devices through the Cosine Dashboard.

Integrations with Occupancy Sensors

Integrations with Occupancy sensors and geo-location allows you to program the devices for maximum comfort and efficiency.

Receive Important Alerts

Do you also often forget to schedule seasonal preventive maintenance or change your HVAC system’s filter? Cosine smart thermostat will alert you when it’s time to do either.

Key Management

Key Management is a significant pain point for Rental Real Estate Operators and owners, contributing to more than 10% of your Operational Inefficiencies. It shouldn't have to be so hard. Go keyless. Enable Mobile key access for your members and team. Have usage insights. Monetise and enable pay-per-use. Use Cosine Smart Locks.

Use On Any Door

Completely retrofit. No changes to your doors.Battery operated. External power supply for dead battery situations.

Keyless Check-In

Multiple unlock options for your members and your team. Mobile app, pin codes, cards and keys.

Operations Management

Unlock remotely from anywhere. Visitor management, Housekeeping and Operations management integrated.

Real Time Analytics

Real time data on door access. Know when your members have used the door. Ticketing system integration.

Aesthetically awesome

Branding with your company logo on the locks. Stylish, modern and reliable. CE (Conformité Européenne) certified.

Tamper Alert Detection

Real time alert for tampering and unauthorised attempts to unlock the door. Low battery level indications.

app screen

Sustainability - Electrical Energy Management

Do you have transparent energy usage policies? Can you incentivise your tenants for consuming lower energy? Do you have a monetisation platform for your electronic white goods? Can you reduce your base rental? Use Cosine Smart Energy Meters.

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No changes in circuit

Completely retrofit. Wi-Fi enabled. Single and three phase circuits supported. CE (Conformité Européenne) certified.

Fair transparent pricing

Enable transparent pricing for your members. Share daily, weekly, monthly energy consumption of their usage on mobile app.

Pre-paid and Post-paid

Depending on your requirement, enable pre-paid meters. Faster revenue realisation models. Flexible payment options.

Pilferage alert

Get alerted on accounted usage. Detect loss of energy. Save money.

Gamify Energy conservation

Share average energy consumption with your members. Have the ability to reward members. Enable differential pricing. Separate billing for rooms and common areas.

Preventive maintainance

Know when your electrnic white goods are underperforming. Schedule maintainance for lower energy costs.

Security - Facial Recognition based Access Control (Temperature sensing included)

In light of the new normal, our Thermometric based Facial Recognition System creates a seamless one-stop Covid-19 Compliant Access & Attendance System for your property. Use the Cosine Property Access System.

Automated Security

Simple check-in process of new members based on facial recognition. Covid-19 compliant - No contact.

Ensure Safety of Members

Denies access upon higher than normal body temp. detection. Supports mask detection. Eliminates manual checking.

Easy Installation

Standalone system. Aesthetically compact and appealing. One day installation.

Real Time information

All data available real time. Share with authorities, if needed, for compliance. Visitor management integrated.

Works Without Internet

Offline detection on device. Upto 10,000 faces can be stored. Detection time < 500ms.

All Access Control Systems Supported

Interfaces for Weigand, LAN, relays, RS-232 and RS-245. Works with all types of doors and access control systems.

app screen

Patented IoT Platform

Technology debt and effort in integrating with various systems is very high. Having a reliable and Open platform for your technology needs is critical.

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Open Platform

With Cosine Open APIs you are always in control of your integration and data. We also provide Android and iOS SDKs for easy mobile App integration.

Data is Yours

We use high levels of security and 128-bit encryption for data security. We also guarantee that your data is only yours and we will not share the data with anyone else.

Bird's Eye View

Manage all your properties from a single dashboard. Easy to use interface. Click and configure.

Rules engine

Configure easy rules for your workflow using real time data events from our platform.

Why partner with Us?

Built for Operators

We understand the Student Living operations complexity. Interfaces and devices are designed keeping Operator's constraints and processes in mind while introducing best outcomes.

Manufacturing and Software Advantage

We are an end to end hardware manufacturing and IoT platform provider. Customised hardware at lowest cost. No 3rd party integration. Single point of contact for hardware and software. Easy adoption.

Open platform for easy integration

We've written extensive documentation for components and tools, so you never have to reverse engineer anything. Open APIs and SDKs for iOS and Android allow quick integration.

Commonly asked questions

Best practices, use cases and commonly asked questions explained.

Technically it is possible. But we highly recommend against it.

For operators who do not have existing apps we have white-labelled apps with your branding. For Operators who have their own Apps, we have SDKs and Open API's that easily integrate with your existing app. Typical integration time is 3 days, including testing.

We have integrations with major Co-Living ERP already. With our open API's server to server integrations are easily enabled.

The locks are completely retrofit and can be installed with just a screwdriver. Completely DIY. We also provide detailed installation videos on installation . Typical installation time is 15 mins. Commissioning of the locks can be done remotely.

Yes. We provide complete server-server integration and send real time usage events through callbacks and dedicated MQTT channels.


Our Work Process

4-step easy process for adopting our IoT solution. Average time taken for a 100 bed property deployment is 1 week.

build 1
Hardware Installation

Either DIY or we provide installation services as well. Typically 4 days/building.

settings 2

Connecting the hardware to Cosine Open IoT platform. Devices get connected and appear on the dashboard. Typically 2 days/building.

. online_prediction 3
Test Runs/Integration Testing

Complete round of end-to-end testing to check system integration and connectivity. 1 day.

launch 4
Launch Project

Handover with a completely connected building.

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